Saturday, February 19, 2022

SCS Photography Club Meeting Minutes 02.10.22

6:30 pm
Attending Members and guests - 26 total, (19 Desert Vista, 7 on Zoom)

Norm - Welcomed all, then introduced Joel Lugavere, LA Times award winning Newspaper Photographer. He had 32 wonderful years covering just about everything. Police scanners were his guide and headed any direction, crossing yellow tape to capture riots, shoot-outs, sports, earthquakes and lots of human disasters. Most all were shot in natural light, action shots, brush fires. He spent 5 weeks with police department training in safety and communication. Camera of choice was Nikon with long and short lenses. He stated that he had many favorite photos over the years. He was able to bring about 50 large photos for display, most in black & white, very dramatic, exciting to see! Joel was part of three Pulitzer teams, served on Board of Directors of the Press Photographers of Greater LA. He presented fascinating stories that went with each photo. This was very interesting/fun program!

                           BREAK - donated cookies by Helen D.

Norm - Business - Financials displayed.

Don - Gave away a small camera to member Dean Otteson, camera donated to club. Don reminded members to bring matted photos for the window display in the Photo Studio, 2 each month.

Norm - Next Month - March 10th - Larry Kaufman will present 3-D examples of pictures, and demonstrate how to use on any camera. Photo Theme will be Action!

Dennis - Before and After Post Processing Album by members shown.

Norm - All Members: Planning/ Brainstorming casual meeting March 1st, 2022 at 0900am, Please come with your ideas to help plan our club activities for this year. We need your input! The location will be decided on and emailed soon.

Norm - Trichromatic Photography - using Black & White to create color, check it out online!

Norm - Fall Photography Show is now in October! Starting about what your going to present.

Meeting end - 840pm.   H. Delahunt, Sec,

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