Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Help Needed to plan the 2022 Program.



by Don LeHeup

I look forward to a brainstorming meeting at Tavern at the Falls to come up with activities and meeting topics. I think an informal gathering over tea and crumpets or whatever could be productive. With advance notice our members will have time to mull ideas over and come to the gathering armed with thoughts. Because many are being cautious about gatherings because of Covid. When it looks like things have settled down a date for the meeting will be selected. In the meantime, put on your thinking caps.

Here are some of my thoughts,

Do we need to have a “How To—“ presentation at every meeting? What about a “Show and Tell” Where one could give a presentation on a photographic experience they have had. I’m thinking of such things as Helen and Diane’s foray into Northern Nevada or J. and Dennis’ trip to the Ely Winterfest. Not to put them on the spot, but that type of thing.

Could we have a meeting of “Picture with a story”? The picture needn’t tell the story but what was your quest to get that particular picture. You needn’t have taken the picture, but it could be one from the family archives of how you fled across the Arctic Tundra ahead of a herd of bloodthirsty mosquitos or Uncle Smedley’s one day of sobriety. Something from the family lore, wedding, bar mitzvah, you name it. Is there a story behind the picture?

We have surveys of topics of possible interest. We should follow up on items that received several votes, but I think consideration should be given to things that might have received only one or two votes. A presentation on such could open one’s eyes to something else to try. One thing that will be addressed is Larry’s upcoming presentation on 3D photography. We stand to learn a bit about it and how we might give it a try. Another topic might be videos. Our cameras and Smart phones have video capabilities, but how do we go about using it? I’m sure one doesn’t just go out and start shooting. A talk on making a short 2-minute video might give one the courage for making a video without feeling it has to be a huge movie production. KISS usually works.

 Start thinking folks. Feel free to call me with your ideas. (702) 869-5210. This is a land line, so don't text. My email is dnbleheup@embarqmail.com . 


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  1. Don, thanks for taking the initiative on this. We need to find ways the Photo Club can expand in the future.

    Let's discuss a date for the breakfast planning meeting during our Thursday - 6:30 PM meeting at Desert Vista.