Tuesday, January 25, 2022

220210 Newpaper Photography - Joel Lugevere

Newspaper Photography with Joel Lugavere 

Do not miss Joel Lugavere’s presentation on Newspaper Photography at our February meeting. 

Joel will cover his life as a newspaper photographer plus some tricks of the trade such as safety, relationship with police and fire, crossing yellow tape, covering sports, staying safe in riots, shoot outs and natural disasters. 

He had 32 wonderful years with the LA Times covering just about everything: travelling to the top of Mt. Rushmore with the daughter of one of the original stone carvers, exploring Canyon de Chelly with Native Americans, photographing dignitaries and those who thought they were. 

Joel was part of three Pulitzer teams and serving on the Board of Directors of the Press Photographers of Greater Los Angeles. Be prepared for a fascinating presentation.

Meeting Recording:


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