Thursday, September 2, 2021

SCS Photography Board Meeting Minutes 09.01.21

09:30 am Wednesday
Board Members: Norm W, Dennis F, Don L, Diane F, Helen D.
Discussion: Review of Sept 09, 21 Club Agenda -RECORDED:
Meeting Recording:
Access Passcode: KL9Y^i=%

AGENDA 09.09.21 Thursday

*Norm - Welcome - Masks are worn during LIVE meeting.
*Norm - Introduction of guest speaker - James Melvin Phelps. Topic: "Southwest Wildlife, Landscape       and Nature Photography".
*Don - Certificate of Appreciation given to James Melvin Phelps.
*Dennis - Photo Album "Travel Photos including People".
    Financials - update

*Quick Bytes by Marc Wiseman (on ZOOM) -"Differences between RAW vs jpg photos".

BREAK Refreshments donated by J. Filangeri

*Diane - Program Updates - Next Month October 14, 21 Thursday. Allen Duff - "Constructive                     Critique Session" - Members to submit digital photos to Diane before meeting for Allen to review.         Quick Bytes - Sue Sanders - "Snapseed App . Photo Album Theme - Wildlife, Landscape and Nature      Photography.
*Club Business - Norm - Inviting members to participate in a video presentation about SCS Clubs.
    Photo Display - Members to go see the Photo Studio Window! Don Le Heup collects members                MATTED photos and displays them. Be sure to bring a favorite each month!
    New Equipment for our club - We need one New laptop, speakers, wireless microphones, etc. to help     our meetings become better, clearer, sharper so that every one in the room and on ZOOM is able to        hear and see all presentations! Board is researching which one to obtain, if you have any helpful tips,     let us know! Norm - Missing Video camera.
* Suggestions, Questions?
* Meeting end

Board Assignments: Norm and Helen will be researching equipment - proposal coming in October for member approval..
Board Meeting end 10.15am         H. Delahunt, Sec.

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