Sunday, August 15, 2021

SCS Photography Club Meeting Minutes 08.12.21


*Norm - Welcomed members, announcement - MASKs will be worn for each meeting per Sun City Protocol, as of now.

*Norm introduced himself as guest speaker tonight.

Topic-"Photographing People Around the World". He showed and discussed photos from Japan, Peru, Vietnam, China and other Asian areas. Shared many Tips and Techniques - #1 Be friendly, smile often! Let people pose themselves - if staged, photo looks unnatural. Framing subject -be sure to notice the backgrounds, colors, angles, the sky, and other people around the subject. Put yourself in your photos too! Look around area, you may notice a woman sitting at window ledge looking out, as Norm did!. Look, as your walking around, notice what life is like in their culture, people playing games on sidewalk, etc. Capture people in their natural environment. These were a just a few of his Tips for tonight! Very interesting, colorful and educational!

*Don LeHuep - Certificate of Appreciation given to Norm Wright.

*Norm - Asked for volunteers to take photos of some clubs in Sun City that have no current Cheryl - Norm will have info - please contact him.

*Mark Olson - Announced and gave out flyers for Lincoln County Photography Festival in Caliente, NV, in Sept, 17-18th, 2021. This is a hands-on event with workshops, several days with excellent instructors. Information on flyer / online, tickets $60 -$125. one and two days.
BREAK - Cookies donated by J. Filangeri, coffee and water available.

*Dennis F., Financial Update, "Sharing Techniques" Photo Album by members were shown and discussed how and where photos were taken.

*Dennis F., Quick Bytes ; Post Processing Information on our own website .Dennis reviewed where on our website to locate; Rule of Thirds, White Balance, Light Importance, Fine Tune each Photo, Make photos into Black and White, Contrast, Change photo to improve with different software Homework: Dodge and Burn...Check it out!!!

*Diane/Helen - Program Updates: Next month - Sept 9th, 21. Guest Speaker "James Marvin Phelps". Topic - "Southwest Wildlife/Landscape and Nature Photography". Quick Bytes by Marc Wiseman - "Differences between RAW and jpeg" photos.. Photo Theme is "Travel Photos including People", (to be submitted in clubs photo album, on website, before next meeting).

*Helen - DV Photo Studio Window- Members are asked to bring a matted, favorite photo to be displayed, rotated each month and returned the following month. Don LeHeup has volunteered to take charge of this process every month. Thanks to Don!!

*Helen - ELECTIONS- Coming in November! Please contact any board member if interested in getting involved in the FUN part of the club: organizing, planning, decision making, programs, quick bytes, etc. All members are welcome!

*Any questions or suggestions?

*Norm - Discussed the need for new equipment, Computer to purchase.

Meeting Ended - 8:35pm, Thank you all for coming. See you at next month's Meeting!
Attending: 11 members, 6 ZOOM members. 5 (new possible members) 22 total
H. Delahunt, Sec.

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