Saturday, July 10, 2021

SCS Photography Club Meeting Minutes 07.08.21

* First Meeting at Desert Vista since Covid Shutdown - Last meeting here was March 12, 2020. We have been meeting monthly on ZOOM successfully with excellent speakers for 15 months!


*      AGENDA:
*      Norm welcomed members. Attending members - 18 total, (16 at DV and 2 on ZOOM.) Difficult time setting up computers for our ZOOM members.- (no sound, no picture for 20 minutes.) Then all okay!
*     Norm introduced M.E.Childiac - professional Photographer with over 25 years experience in African Wildlife. M.E. has lived around the world, such as Paris, Kuwait, Dubai, She has photographed wildlife in their natural environment. She is a skilled observer in her ongoing study of wildlife behaviors. She has used this knowledge to refine and teach photography. She has written books on wildlife, safaris, African cooking and more! Tonight, she is presenting "Getting on the Basics Bandwagon"!
*      M.E. began her slide show presentation - on Projected Screen : Starting with Camera Shake - causing blurred photos - Solutions:
Holding the camera correctly, standing up straight, no locked knees (be flexible), using your shoulder as support. Don't hold your breath! Breathe slowly in and out. Tripods - Never carry your camera with tripod attached! Use a sandbag to stabilize camera, as needed - (may use rice filled large sock as a stabilizer!) While changing a camera lens - hold it face down! Never clean a sensor yourself- take to professional. Never use water to clean your lens! Use clean cloth - NOT washed with soap/water - it will put soap on your lens. Filters - protect your lens - use them! Always use lens cap when not shooting. Keep camera dry - many items on Amazon to check out to protect your camera. Memory cards - best is San Disc (SD), keep cases, waterproof cases best. Reformat your SD card AFTER putting photos in hard drive - may reuse SD card again after reformatting! She gave us lots of information with education! There was many great tips/tricks!

*     Don - Certificate of Appreciation given to M.E. Chidiac - Excellent Program!
*     Dennis - Financial Report. Theme - Food Photos submitted by members. "Delicious" and "Beautiful, wide variety of food photos displayed"! Thank you members!!!
*     Break -Cookies (yum) provided by J. Filangeri. Free mats, photos, magazines offered to members.
*     Helen - So glad to see our members here tonight, with happy, smiling faces!!!
*     Business - Dennis stated that members may take badges home to bring back each month.
Norm- SCS Club Fair is next week July 13th (Tues) and 14th (Wed) at DV. Don L and Helen D. volunteered to present and encourage SC members to join our club. No decision made on monthly photos - now using online (as we have done for 15 months) or to print, mat and bring to meetings to display. We will discuss at next months meeting. Elections for the club will be in the fall, if any member would like to be a board member - please talk with Norm, Dennis, Don, Diane, Helen.
*      Helen - Program Updates - Next Month - August 12, 21. Norm Wright, speaker -" How to photograph People Around the World". Quick Bytes by Dale Kavula - "Removing distracting objects using Luminar". August Photo Theme - Using demonstrated techniques from tonights M.E. Chidiac program, your choice of any subject! Your photos are to be placed on our website Photo Album.
*     Quick Bytes - Diane Frankenfield - "Expanding a Crop Using Photoshop"- (Difficult to hear Diane from our ZOOM computer contact). She was able to display photo on Photoshop, using her mouse to crop photos. Members all crowded around laptop to hear and watch this presentation up on projected screen. Good information!
*    Thank you to our members for attending tonight's 1st in house DV meeting this year!!!
*    Meeting end  8:45pm           H. Delahunt, Sec. 


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