Thursday, August 13, 2020

SCS Photography Club Monthly Minutes 08.13.20

ZOOM Virtual Meeting / 6:30pm chat - Started meeting at 7:00pm

Agenda:     Zoom Recording Click Here Access Passcode: 5mp5*@BH

Norm - Welcomed Attendees – 14

Diane- Introduced Allen Duff - from Nevada Camera Club, he has been a judge for their monthly competitions for several years. Presentation: “Constructive Critique Session”.

Allen began with critiques of our Scavenger Hunt Photos (10), then critiques of the photos (20) that members placed in our website album. Here are a few of his tips:

“Light is always the first element in a photo, then sharpness, balance/ level. Eyes are drawn to the brightest part of the photo. Leading lines need to go somewhere. Stay away from “’bullseye” centered subjects, better composition to angle to a side. Think about interest… is it an interesting photo? Make colors sharp, red draws attention. Watch for angles, light behind subject, too dark or too light. Subjects may be in odd numbers – 3,5,7 is pleasing to the eye. Look at the edges of your photos – could they be cropped, zoomed in to make a cleaner/better result?” Overall, Allen stated “Well done photos. We are all learning, improving and growing in photography. Post processing is being used more often than ever. Search You tube, it has lots of info.”

This was an interesting, creative, educational and enlightening meeting with lots of positive, pleasant comments.

Diane- Certificate of Appreciation given to Allen Duff

Dennis-Suggested - to have a workshop of some kind for post processing in the future. Several members stated “good idea”. Will discuss in next month’s meeting.

Members discussion: Would like info on post processing apps. List of members cameras, several members agreed to these suggestions. Will address in next month meeting.

Dennis- Review of Vacation Album Photos (8) by members. Fun, interesting to hear each member talk briefly about their photos.

Diane- Next Month Presentation by Sue Stevens, “Westcoast Wildlife”. Sept 10th,2020

Dennis-Next Month Photo Theme – Travel

Norm - Adjourned Meeting at 8:50pm                                  H. Delahunt, Secretary

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