Friday, July 10, 2020

SCS Photography Club Minutes 07.09.20

Norm - Welcome Members attending - 16 Zoom - Virtual Meeting 

Diane - Thanks to J Filangeri for placing SCS members photos and club information in the online SCS website, much appreciated!

Diane - Macro Album – We were able to see Macro photos by each of our members that submitted them to the album. Each member had a chance to discuss their photo info of where, how and what they did! (We can vote on which ones you liked on the form on the website.) Beautiful!

- 3 Slideshow presentations - Trains by Helen Delahunt, Snowy Animals by Sue Stevens and Hummingbirds by Dale Kavela. Enjoyed by all!

- Video of “Stars n Milky Way” by Helen Delahunt. Milky Way on June 2020 near Searchlight, NV and Stars from Red Rock area with light painting.

- Tour of our SCS Photography Website and briefly reviewed 2 new offerings: Smart Phone Photography Tips and Links and Lighting in Outdoor Photography. We have plenty of Interesting topics to investigate and learn to challenge our photography skills.

- Next Month -August 13, 20 We will have a “Constructive Critique Program” by special guest Allen Duff, Nevada Camera Club. See the full information on our website. This will be an interesting, fun night! Encouraging EVERYONE to submit 1-2 photos!

We opened up Zoom at 6:30pm to chat and offer up any questions about cameras, getting out to photograph, and just to say hello! Started our formal meeting at 7pm. You can see all the photos and our total RECORDED meeting online! Stay Safe, be Healthy and take some Photos, inside and out!

Meeting closed 8:15 pm Secretary H. Delahunt

Meeting Recording:
Access Password: 5T.E71+^

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