Saturday, January 12, 2019

Sun City Photography Club Minutes, General Meeting, January 10, 2019, Desert Vista

Officers Present:
Norman Wright, Pres
Don LeHeup, VP
Joel Lugavere, VP
J Filangeri
Dennis Filangeri
Kathy Kirby

Norm opened the meeting opened at 7 pm  and led the pledge. We welcomed guest Russ Meppen.
Members present: 26 members present. 
Membership to date: 26
Treasurer's Report: Dennis reported a Financial Balance of $251.73.
Refreshments Committee: J brought refreshments for tonight's meeting.

Meeting Agenda & Discussion:

Donation: Joel Lugavere donated $75, sponsoring our club's use of the Art Club easels. Thank you, Joel.

Theme Competition (What Makes This A Winner?
  • This month's theme was B&W. The winner was Dean Otteson's, "The Wave." 
  • Going forward, we will be changing how "best picture" is selected because we are getting so many good photos entered that the winner is often the photo with only 2 or 3 votes. Instead, the entries will be distributed to the members in 3 or 4 judging groups. Each group will select the photo they like best and a group member will explain to all "What Makes This A Winner." The final winner will be selected from the 3 or 4 group winners by show of hands of the entire membership present.
  • Next month's theme is Winter.
Program Changes: In response to member comments, the board decided to change the meeting format significantly to make meetings more educational, with more participation from members.

Photo IQ Quiz: Dennis started us off with a quiz testing members' familiarity with basic photographic terms and techniques, terms like portrait, landscape, perspective, rule of thirds, depth of field, macro, and others. The quiz was (and still is) available on our website.

World's Worst Photos: Members evaluated a group of flawed photos, spotting the problems and suggesting how to avoid them in future. This will be a regular part of future meetings. If you have particularly awful photos you'd be willing to share with the group in the spirit of furthering photographic technique knowledge, please contact Dennis.

Interest Groups: The members choose a photographic technique of particular interest to them from a short list. We then split into interest groups of about 5 members to share knowledge/ignorance and come up with a technique-stretching exercise for members to try and ultimately share with the entire club. The first round is: Aim & Shoot cameras, Portrait Photography, Landscape/Cityscapes, and Videos. Members were encouraged to meet off-line sometime in the next month to work on their group project.

Photo Walks
  • iPhones: Joyce is working on an iPhone photo walk later in February.
  • Diane shared some information on planning for upcoming photo walks.  The next one is January 16th to visit the Chinese New Year exhibit at the Bellagio.
Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.
Respectfully submitted, J Filangeri, Secretary

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