Friday, August 10, 2018

Sun City Photography Club Minutes, General Meeting, August 9, 2018, Desert Vista

Officers Present:
Norman Wright, Pres
Don LeHeup, VP
J Filangeri, Sec'y
Kathy Kirby, Director
Dennis Filangeri, Treas.

Norm opened the meeting opened at 7 pm and led the pledge. We welcomed two new members, Clifford Rourke and Carlos Pebenito.
Members present:  14 members present.  
Membership to date: 42
Treasurer's Report: Dennis reported a Financial Balance of $302.37.
Refreshments Committee: Dale brought refreshments for tonight's meeting.
Photo Walk:   September 22 Photo Walk, Corn Creek & Mt. Charleston. Members can sign up on-line.

Meeting Agenda & Discussion:
2019-2020 Club Officers: Our election of officers is at the November meeting. Our tentative slate of officers is as follows:
            President:      Norm Wright            1st VP            Don LeHeup
            2nd VP          Joel Lugavere           Sec'y              J Filangeri
            Treasurer      Dennis Filangeri      Director         Kathy Kirby
Joel is deciding whether he wishes to stay on the ballot, given his recent injury (He'd love to hear from folks, so call J if you need his contact information).  Members are encouraged to consider serving on the board in any capacity. Members are asked to let J know if they've interest.
Member Presentation: Dale gave a presentation of photos from her trip to the Rhinebeck, NY, Aerodrome.
Photo Show Planning: The Photo Show Committee has been working hard at improving the photo show experience for everyone this year. Dennis gave a summary of the details so that members can start preparing their photos. The full "Photo Show Insider's" presentation is available on-line.
Key take-aways:
  • Photos can be 8x10 (11x14 matted) or 10x14 (16x20 matted). 
  • Photos have to be matted and include a backboard. Photographer name and contact information needs to be on the backboard of each photo. 
  • Members may submit up to 10 photos. 
  • Since visitors will be voting on Best In Show, the front of the matted photo needs to be anonymous. The club will be making up all photo labels, so all submissions will need photographer name, a title for the photo, a price if it is for sale or state "not-for-sale". 
  • Photos must be submitted by October 11th (club meeting date). That way we know how many we have, we can prepare labels, and we can assign numbers for the contest. 
Techniques and Tips
Norm gave a presentation of his recent family trip, with suggestions on how to get good candid shots of grandkids.

Theme Competition
This month's theme was Cityscapes. Members were asked to limit submissions to no more than two photos to make the competition more meaningful.

The winner was Dean O. His photo entitled Moon Over Seattle was taken at Queen Ann Hill in Seattle in 2015 using a Nikon 3000 and some creative post processed using Photoshop.

Next month's Theme is Holidays. That means ANY holiday, e.g. 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Chanukah, Christmas, Helldorado, Halloween, Bastille Day...whatever.

Respectfully submitted, J Filangeri, Secretary

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