Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Cityscapes – Appreciating Benefits of the Photography Club

Did you ever say, “That guy must have too much time on his hands”?  As I adjust to “retirement,” I’m finding I do have more time on my hands to devote to travel and hobbies. One of my lifetime hobbies has always been photography.

As I was working on some ideas for the August club photo theme, I realized that there is a great benefit to participating in the Photography Club. The Photography club has different monthly themes to feature photographic techniques and composition that would be of interest to our members. But there’s a hidden benefit to this as well.

While working on the theme: Cityscapes, I first wanted some insight as to what is meant by “cityscape.” So, I looked it up on Wikipedia. Simple, it’s an urban landscape. OK, but what is urban?

Does urban only mean large metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles and New York City? What about small urban areas such as Las Vegas or Ely?

Does urban have to be a thriving populated area or could it include lesser populated places such as Goodsprings or Rhyolite?

I started searching through my albums to get some insight as to what would be a good cityscape for the upcoming monthly theme. Then it hit me. What a fantastic benefit of being in a photography club!

Looking through my albums for just the right picture, I found myself reminiscing and reliving the experiences we shared over the years at the places and during the events where the photos were taken.  But then isn’t that the purpose of taking pictures and saving them in albums?

Enjoy this serendipitous extra benefit of Photo Club membership. Take the time to poke through your archives in search of just the right picture for a monthly theme and allow yourself to reminisce about the fun you had taking all those photos.

What are your thoughts and serendipitous benefits of the Photography Club?

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