Saturday, January 20, 2018

Club Communications

How do you communicate with others? Telephone? Snail-Mail? Semaphore? Or do you prefer a more modern mode of communications such as email and the internet?
Clubs need to be able to communicate with their members in an expeditious and timely manner in order to alert them of important club business.  The Photography Club uses its website and email for this purpose. We understand that some folks prefer telephone and mail, but these modes are slow and inefficient in getting important information to all its members.
The website ( is updated regularly with new and revised information. Members are encouraged to visit the site at least once a week or more to see if there are updates to planned trips and events. Click here for a brief tutorial on using the website.
Email reminders are sent to members and guests before scheduled meetings and other events. We respect your privacy and do not share your contact information with anyone. We also abide with email etiquette and will not send email messages to anyone who does not opt-in to our email.
The Club Forum is a group email using Google Groups which allows members to post their own messages and respond to messages of others in the group. All members should opt-in and participate. You can use your favorite email address to join the group; you do not need an address, but for security you do need to register with Google.
The club forum is flexible so you can control how frequently you receive email reminders about new messages, from all messages, to summary messages, to no messages at all (you need to go online to retrieve them). You can opt-out anytime. If you leave the club, you will be removed from the list. It's secure and available only to members who opt-in.
If you are planning an event or have information to share with club members, use the club forum. If there is a change in your plans, use the club forum as the best way to reach members.
You can use the forum from your ordinary email system by sending or forwarding your message to: Everyone in the group will get your message.
If you want to reply only to the sender of a group message, you can do that in the group page by  using REPLY. To reply to the whole group, use REPLY ALL.
For more information about how Google Groups work, go to this link:

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