Sunday, June 11, 2017

Club Meeting Minutes of 6/08/17

Here are the minutes of the 6/8/17 club meeting.
Sun City Photography Club
Minutes, General Meeting, June 8, 2017, Desert Vista

Officers Present:
Jim Bird, Pres.
Norman Wright, VP
J Filangeri, Sec'y
Dale Kavula, 1st VP
Dennis Filangeri, Treas.
Absent: Joel Lugavere, 2nd  VP
George Kertesz, Dir

Pledge: Dale opened the meeting opened at 7:10 pm and led the pledge.

Members present: 19 and no guests

Membership to date: 54

Treasurer's Report: Financial Balance $1,337, with $472 to Retained Earnings.

Refreshments Committee: Thanks to Kathy Kirby, in charge of refreshments this month. Karleen Craig has offered to bring them for July.

Photo Show Date Confirmed: Saturday, 11/11, from 10 to 3 at DV.

Meeting Agenda & Discussion:

June 14th Field Trip = Photo Lab Studio. Preview of photographing in the studio, led by Dale K. Since the Photo Studio can only accommodate about 3 people at a time along with the instructor, Dale asked that interested members sign up in 15 minute intervals between 9 AM and 12 noon. Dale outlined various tips to get the best pictures out of a studio shoot.

Presentation by Dale of the most recent field trip to Downtown Las Vegas Street Art: Dale had a brief presentation, but because of "connectivity issues," this had to be made available only on her computer during the break. Everyone agreed that we really need to work out the kinks in our projection abilities.

Show & Tell – Jim brought some photos from the last Field Trip.

Break and voting on this month's theme: People

Announcement of Theme Competition Winner: Norm W. 
Next month's Theme is SmartPhone Photos.

Techniques and Tips: Norm gave a presentation of techniques to use to get good "people" pictures in the street using his trip to Peru as examples.

Tech Time: Dennis again showed members how to access the Field Trip photos on our website. under Posts.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted, J Filangeri, Secretary

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