Monday, May 2, 2022

Composition Challenge


In viewing photos on FaceBook in groups such as Nevada Photographers I am sometimes surprised by photos, even those posted by well-known photographers, that could have been improved by better composition. Often when I go out, I take several shots of the same scene, making adjustments in camera to adjust: positioning, focus, motion blur, color balance, and orientation to see which finished photo has the best overall composition (very subjective of course). This led me to this ‘challenge.’ 

Since some members might be considering offering your work to SCS for posting around the reservation, perhaps as a club activity you might want to share some of your composition trials for discussion.

Post two or more variations of ‘the same scene,’ that have different composition elements. You can use different versions taken in camera or two or more versions that you recomposed using editing software.

For more ideas about composition look up articles on our website about composition or software.




Add your images to the Composition Challenge album (click here) showing the original then the recomposed photo. You can recompose in camera or in post processing. You can specify in the album details about each image you post. Limit your posts to five sets (before/after). 

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