Friday, November 12, 2021

SCS Photography Club Meeting Minutes 11.11.21

7:00PM -8:45PM RECORDED Zoom and live at Desert Vista

MEMBERS ATTENDED - (16 at DV and 2 on Zoom) 18 Total

*Norm - Welcome and Introduced Speaker - Marc Wiseman, Topic "Composition".
Marc began "My Journey through Composition".... Photographs of fish & sharks through protective cages in Mexico, adding drama, using low key backgrounds. Mandarin fish and shrimp from Zanzibar. Seahorse was taken at night was gorgeous. Elegance using high key backgrounds and over exposure to make subjects stand out, in Africa. Using strobe lights for night underwater shots....takes luck to get the right angle of the subject. Marc showed many excellent techniques underwater that made the fish really beautiful! Great Program!
*Don - Certificate of Appreciation given to Marc Wiseman.
*Dennis - Financials discussed

*Dennis - "Before and After" Photo Album by members, each member discussed photos changed.
******* BREAK ******* Treats donated by Diane Frankenfield

*Club Business - Presented to members to move time of meeting to 6:30pm -starting in Jan 2022. 14 Yes and 2 No - Passed. New Laptop approved and paid to Norm by Club. Sound is excellent in our new room 5. ELECTIONS - for one year: President - Norm Wright, Vice President - Don LeHeup, Treasurer - Dennis Filangeri, Secretary - Helen Delahunt, Program Coordinator - no one vounteered at this time.
Dec 9th, 21 No Meeting at Desert Vista, Will have a Zoom Meeting with HOLIDAY photos by members.
-Photo Show - discussion on when have it, decided that a LIVE Fall show would be best- possibly October. J. Filangeri reminded the group that it may take up to 15 months to schedule. Norm will talk with Charlene to schedule. Mt Shadows display of photographs may be in Fall too.

* Quick Bytes by Marc Wiseman - Star Trails - takes 120 photos in one hour. Takes a lot of planning. Easy to do with post processing. Be sure to dress warm, tripod a must, remote timer needed, camera on manual setting with long exposure - 30sec, ISO settings adjust as needed. Uses Light Room for post processing, then sets up Star Stax which puts the stars together. Marc sent the presentation with links on You tube for us!

Meeting end H. Delahunt, Sec.


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