Wednesday, September 29, 2021

SCS Photography Club Board Meeting Minutes 09.29.21

0930am - 1050am Recorded
Attending: Norm W, Don L, Diane F, Helen D, (Dennis F not present).

           Agenda for October 14th, 21

*Norm - Welcome 

*Norm - Introduction of Allen Duff, Nevada Club Photography Judge.

                        Allen Duff - Topic "Constructive Critique Session"  He will review, critique members                            photos, sent to Diane by Sept 29.

          *Don - Certificate of Appreciation to Allen Duff.

*Dennis - Financials - Previous Month and Current Month:

           *Dennis  - Photo Album - "Wildlife/Landscape and Nature Photography by members.

                 ****       BREAK     ****

*Quick Bytes- by Sue Sanders "How to straighten a building" using Light Room Transform tool.

*Diane - Program Updates for next month: Nov. 11, 21, Speaker - Marc Wiseman "Composition".

*Quick Bytes by Marc Wiseman, "Creative Star Trails using Light Room Star Stax".

*Club Business - Don - Photo Display Matted Photos vs not Matted.*Norm - Starbright "Dirk" audio tech will help with this month's sound system. He will   download app speakers in rm 5. He suggested that we move to Rm 5 with better sound, able to use microphones (3-4), Board agreed to move mtg to Rm 5 and have Dirk improve our sound with Rm 5 and on Zoom. (Dirk to arrive at 530-6 pm before mtg). Open Zoom at 6:15pm -  Diane will check sound with Dirk using zoom.

*Norm - Yearly Photo Show - To be brought up with members. Possible VIRTUAL, like we  were able to do last year. Possible date - January xx 2022. Photos taken past 2 years, limit 5 photos submitted, more information coming.Possible submission deadline December 31, 2021.

*Norm - New Laptop - Board decided to use for October Meeting, then will decide to keep or return, depending on how it was able to be used for meeting.

*Norm - Holiday Party in December, What do members think?

*Norm - Nov. 11th Elections

*Helen - Name Tags - Use to be tried for Oct Meeting.

Meeting Closed H. Delahunt Sec.

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