Wednesday, June 2, 2021

SCS Photography Club Board Meeting Minutes 06.02.21

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: N!7HkXdt 
 09:30am - Attending - Norm W, Dennis F, Don L, Diane F, Helen D.
  • Norm - SCS has now approved all Community Centers to be open! Do not have to wear masks.
    • For our first club meeting; Doug Wong IT Dept., will assist in setting up our room - starting July 8th, 21, with recording, displaying photos, using zoom. Norm, Dennis and Doug will work together to coordinate for a smooth, informative meeting.
    • Decided on having our regular Zoom Meeting next week.
    • At end of the June meeting we will do several "test-runs" - to test all coordinates for next month's mtg.
        Agenda for June 10th Meeting:
  •  Norm   - Welcome 
  •  Diane   - Introduction of Larry Hanna, Professional Photographer, Program Topic: "Photographing Food Using Natural Light". 
      • Certificate of Appreciation to be given.
  •  Dennis  - Financial report.

    Nevada Images Album submitted by Members.
  •  Diane    - Program Update: July 8th, 21 - M.E. Chidiac will be presenting "Basic Bandwagon Tips and Tricks", Quick Bytes by Marc Wiseman - "Creating Star Trails on Lightroom and Star Trax ".        
  •  Norm      -  Quick Bytes - "Using Clone Stamp Tool".
  •  Meeting End.
  •  Post Meeting -  "Test Run" of computers/communications by Norm, Dennis.
        1025am Board Meeting adjourned.                        H. Delahunt, Sec.


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