Sunday, February 14, 2021

SCS Photography Club Monthly Minutes - 02.11.2021

7:00PM  Zoom - RECORDED

210211 Zoom Meeting Recording
Access Passcode: 6VF=Mp%1

  • Norm - Welcome - Our January Virtual Photo Show was a success!
  • Diane - Introduction of Sue Stevens, "Editing Photos on your i-Phone Using Snapseed App" Program. Sue gave information on the many apps that are available (most are free) for editing our photos. "Snapseed" examples given. Beautiful example of a hawk photo was shown - from a solid black image changed to the fine featured lines of this gorgeous bird. She will send a PDF to us to review program information. Lots of ideas and what to do with i phone images!
  • Diane - Certificate of Appreciation given to Sue Stevens.
  • Dennis - Landscape Album reviewed by members that submitted photos: Excellent range of photos, from Grand Canyon AZ, Norway, Utah to Finland NV and Star Trails! All beautiful!
  • Dennis - Financial Report Balance Sheet was shown.
  • Dennis - Reviewed how to find the "Recorded Meetings" on our website.
  • Dennis - Discussed the "Media Album", how to locate, how to remove outdated pictures and place only one current photo at a time for media publications. We will discuss this again next month to clarify.
  • Diane - Next Month Theme - Cell Phone Images
  • Diane - Next Month Program March 11, 2021 by Alyce Bender, Professional Photographer,
    • Topic :"Wildflower Photography Capturing Seasonal Beauty".
    • Quick Bytes by Dale Kavula - "Luminar Tips".
  • Quick Bytes by Marc Wiseman - "Histogram and using Lightroom. Histogram is used as a type of graph to help set exposure. It shows how dark or bright your image is. Marc showed a photo of his dog on hiking trail with examples of the histogram and how it changed as the light changed in the photo.
  • Questions/Suggestions?
Meeting End.
Stay Healthy and Safe, See you next month!    H. Delahunt, Sec.

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