Thursday, November 5, 2020

SCS Photography Club Board Meeting Minutes 11.04.20

Zoom 09:30 am - 10:40 am

Board Members Attending : Norm W,  Dennis F,  Don L,  Diane F,  Helen D.

Nov 12, 20 Agenda Review:

Norm - Welcome, and will do a Screen Shot of Members attending tonight's meeting. 
Diane - Introduction of Nancy Sexton/Mike Smith Presentation :
Latin America and Galapagos Travel Photos.
Diane - Certificate of Appreciation Given
Dennis - Cell Phone Photos Album - Members to Review their photos.
Norm - Club Business: Elections, Dues, Financials, Donated Camera Equipment.
Diane - December 10th, Meeting "Coping with Pandemic Photos" Theme
January 14th, 2021 Meeting - "Holiday photos" Theme.
Helen - January SCS Virtual Photography Show - Brief review of  Show Instructions that are sent to all members.
Norm - "Honest Mistake" - Dale Kavula brought to the Boards attention that a couple of Wildlife Photos were noted with the wrong name in the photo album. This was a honest mistake and we will attempt to not make that mistake again. Remember, members to place your name and location of photo with each image in any album.
Diane - "Quick Bytes" - "Around an Image" - Boarders / Photoshop.
Any questions or suggestions?
Meeting Close

Discussions: "SCS Living" to be contacted each month for club news, photos assigned to Helen.
"The Link" still planning on our "SCS Virtual Photography Club Show" for the January 2021.

Next Board Meeting - Dec 2nd, 20 Wednesday 09;30am, on ZOOM.

Access Passcode: jL00=!00

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