Friday, September 11, 2020

SCS Photography Club Minutes Sept 10th 2020

(Encourage all to review our recorded meeting and photos online!)

Attending: 14 club members
6:45 ZOOM Virtual Meeting 7:00 pm Opened Meeting

Norm : Welcomed Members, Election information - we will elect new board members next year.
Dues discussion - no decision made.

Diane : Introduction Sue Stevens, member of our club, has traveled extensively, vast experience of photography, excellent teaching techniques. Presents: "West Coast Wildlife".
Sue presented a wide variety of BEAUTIFUL animals: foxes, horses, eagles, mountain lion, bears (in the snow!), seals, pelicans, lots of birds & quail in her backyard. 
Shared many tips: here's a few: 
Tips: Use sturdy tripod or hand held camera or cell phone.
Used zoom, telephoto, wide angle, portrait and macro.
Always shoot in manual
Protect yourself and your gear when outdoors.
Camera settings - adjust often to get the right photo focus, zoom, aperature,
depending on the light and motion. ISO on auto.
Learn about your camera and subject, location, timing.
Practice, Practice, Practice
May use post processing to adjust photo when needed. (PhotoShop, Lightroom, many apps available).

This was an interesting, informative, educational and beautiful presentation. Sue was given a certificate by the club for appreciation.

Dennis : Theme - "Travel" Album - Members photos from all over the world! Alaska, Taiwan ,China, Pisa & Rome, Italy, Goldfield & Belmont, Nevada, St George, Utah, Australian Opera
House, Florida. Beautiful travel shots by our members!! Great!

Helen : "Quick Bytes" -(This will be a monthly 5 minute education segment by members).
Tonight will be by Norm -. Cropping information, pre and post examples.
Tips: Do not crop feet out of photo. Try to compose each shot as you take it."Photopea" is one of our tutorials - check it out!

Suggestions? Questions? - Discussion about members cameras, possible workshop in future for different cameras (Sony, Canon, Nikon). Dennis to follow up.

Diane : Next month October 8th, 2020.  Open Zoom at 6:45pm /Start time 7pm.
Speaker - Robert McCandlish Presenting : "The Camera in your pocket"! 

Photography photo theme for October is  WILDLIFE.

Meeting closed 8:25pm,  H Delahunt, Sec