Tuesday, May 19, 2020

SCS Photography Club Minutes 20.14.05


* Norm: Welcome, Zoom Info given, Use of Zoom Chat
* Diane: Introduction of Tom Rappath, Photographer
* Tom Rappath Presentation: “City Scapes” (Highlights)

Tom began with Las Vegas Landscapes: High Roller Shots in early am, after rain and sunrise, wide angle shots, black n white, reflections. “Bellagio” - with the reflections in early am on the water, panorama shots with 6 different exposures – then in post processing (either Photoshop or Lightroom) – using software to combine them together to make a perfect panorama picture. Architecture shots were fabulous! He stated that he tries to keep each shot sharp with different angles and curves. “Crystals” showed us different architecture both inside and out, dragons, etc. with reflections at the entrance. 

Tom states that he had many Las Vegas favorites; the Park, NYNY, Excalibur, MGM, Paris, Caesars Palace, Forum shops, Crystals and Bellegio. Off strip – downtown shots, street photography, Fremont Street, Arts District, Murals, etc. 

His camera of choice now is SONY 7 R4, but he also has several others, Canon too.
This was a splendid presentation. He was able to show different examples of before and after post processing, lighting, etc. He usually shoots his photos in early morning light, (without too many tourists), evening, sunrise and sunsets, reflections and lighting of the sun made for great photos!

Tom’s photography was colorful, fun, interesting, creative with a strong instructional twist that we could understand and learn. Some photos will be displayed on our website. I encourage all to review! These are spectacular!!
*Dennis: How to vote on our competition photos: (see website)

Dennis reviewed how to be able to vote online for each of our competition Albums, Wildflowers and Architecture albums available now. “Photography as Art” – encouraged each of us to go into this to choose a photo to make into something else, artsy, change color, etc., whatever you feel will make the photo more interesting.

"Thank you" to everyone for participating on our first Zoom meeting!

15 members attended

8:25 PM Closed Meeting HDelahunt, Sec.

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