Saturday, April 4, 2020

Photography As Art

A while back I had a conversation with some members of the SCS Art Club about Photoshop. The general feeling was that it should be banned because too many photographers use it as 'art.' But if you go on to Facebook, you are constantly bombarded with ads for tools, presets, and techniques to turn your mundane photos into works of 'art.'

So the question becomes, "When is photography 'art'?" 

I gave some thought to this and came to the conclusion that a photo is 'art' when the photographer deems it so. Musicians use instruments, graphic artists use pencils, chalk, charcoal, and painters use brushes and pallet knives. So why shouldn't a photographer use digital editing equipment?

If you go on Facebook, you have probably seen advertisements for tools (like this landscape set, or this portrait tool - note we do not endorse any products; these are used as examples) to help you improve your editing skills and turn the mundane photo into a work of art. But if the truth be known, you already have the ability to do a lot of this tweaking on the software you already own or use online.

Let's play a game. I created a shared album of some of my mundane pictures.
  • If you want to play, open the album and download (save) any or all of these pictures to your computer. So we're all on the same page, only use this pictures for this game.
  • Using whatever photo tools you have to edit the photos, try to turn the picture into an artistic rendition of a photograph.
  • You can crop, resize, re-color, de-color, distort, burn, dodge...or whatever you feel like changing to make the picture into your art. 
  • Rename with a unique name and save your art
  • Then re-post your edited version (save) back to the album.
  • Feel free to comment on any or all of the re-purposed images. 
Let's see how creative photographers can be in the graphic arts. Please comment on the uploaded pictures to share your suggestions.

Click here to open shared album

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