Friday, July 12, 2019

Sun City Photography Club Minutes, General Meeting, July 11, 2019, Desert Vista

Norm opened the meeting opened at 7 pm and led the pledge. We welcomed returning members Sy Bensky and guests Hope Lardiere, Jackie Killean, Jerry Sanderson, Mark Williams, and Bill Hathaway.
Members present: 17

Membership to date: 47

Election of Officers: Elections will be held in November. We will need a new secretary since J is stepping down, as well as at least one new board member. All members are encouraged to let Norm know if they would be willing to serve in either capacity.

Treasurer's Report: Financial Balance $644 to Retained Earnings.

Refreshments Committee: No refreshments for tonight's meeting.

Meeting Agenda & Discussion:

NV Magazine Contest: Don L. noted that Nevada Magazine's annual photo scavenger hunt is open.  More information is available on their website. NV Magazine also has a Facebook page with lots of photos all taken within Nevada. This is a good site for photo location ideas as well as techniques.

Editing In Your Camera: Dennis gave a short presentation on some in-camera editing techniques. The presentation can also be viewed on our website.

Member Photos: Dale had a presentation of photos from a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Tips for Wildlife Photography: M.E. shared her entertaining presentation with tips for taking good wildlife photos.

Portrait Photography: At Norm's request, Helen again shared the findings of her focus group, originally presented to membership in March. This presentation is also on our website.

Photopea Demo: Norm gave a quick demonstration of the Photopea, on-line editing software. He also encouraged members to make photo books to preserve family history, sharing some of those he has done with the group.

Theme: Landscape/Cityscape. Winner was Dennis. Runner's up were Norm W. and new member Sy Bensky. Photos will be on display in the Photo Lab window.

Next month's theme: Special Effects.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM

Respectfully submitted, J Filangeri, Secretary

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