Friday, May 10, 2019

Having Fun With Your Camera Photo Walk

The Photo Club’s May Photo Walk took place in the meeting room at Desert Vista during the monthly meeting.  We had 13 different stations positioned around the room, with volunteers at each station to help.  A very special thank you!!! to the following people who volunteered to help with these stations:

  • Allan Duff - electric arc/neon signs
  • Diane Frankenfield - crystal ball refraction/water droplet refelctions
  • Dale Kavula - softbox
  • Beth LeHeup - oil droplets on water
  • Don LeHeup - black acrylic reflections/macro
  • Janice Lugavere - kaleidoscope
  • Joel Lugavere - flower macro
  • Kathy Panfili - Christmas tree abstract images
  • Cliff Rourke - shaped bokeh
  • Norm Wright - prisms
and to J Filangeri for her help with the logistics of the room reconfiguration.

We are looking forward to seeing your photos from your own experience at the Having Fun With Your Camera adventure!  Look for the link Dennis will send to everyone so that you can share your favorite photos into the Google album he’ll create for this event.

Diane Frankenfield/Dale Kavula

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