Friday, November 9, 2018

Sun City Photography Club Minutes, General Meeting, November 8, 2018, Desert Vista

Officers Present: Norman Wright, Pres      Don LeHeup, VP             Joel Lugavere, VP
                            J Filangeri                       Dennis Filangeri              Kathy Kirby

Norm opened the meeting opened at 7 pm and led the pledge. We welcomed guest Cinna Hunter.

Members present: 20 members present.

Membership to date: 47

Treasurer's Report: Dennis reported a Financial Balance of $167.43.

Refreshments Committee: Helen D. brought refreshments for tonight's meeting.

Photo Walk
  • November 15 Photo Walk: Henderson Bird Viewing and Hemenway Park 
  • December 11, Ethel M’s Holiday Display 
Meeting Agenda & Discussion:
  • Winter Solstice Photo Caravan. Dennis and J will be going to Rhyolite (up near Beatty) on 12/21 to play with night photography. This isn't an official Photo Walk, but any member who's interested is welcome to come. Contact Dennis for more information. 
  • ELECTIONS: The slate of officers for 2019 and 2020 follows: President – Norm Wright, VPs – Don LeHeup and Joel Lugavere, Secretary- Judith Filangeri, Treasurer – Dennis Filangeri, Director – Kathy Kirby. There were no nominations from the floor. Dale K. made a Motion to approve this slate by acclamation. Motion seconded and unanimously approved. 
  • 2019 Meeting Preview: Members of the board have been discussing ways to make the meetings more collaborative, allowing members to share expertise and learn new photographic skills. Per Dennis and Norm, we're going to start the new year off with a series of focused workshops. Stay tuned for more. 
Theme Competition
This month's theme was Motion/Action. Members were asked to limit submissions to no more than two photos to make the competition more meaningful. The winner was Norm W.
There is no theme contest next month due to the holiday party.

Photo Show Information 
  • All members who have photos for the show prepared their photo labels. 
  • Volunteers: J brought the updated volunteer list. She will send a reminder to everyone about a week before the show. 
  • Sales: Two issues were discussed; what to do with pictures that were sold, and whether to accept checks. It was agreed that pictures for which payment has been received will be marked as sold but not removed display until the show is over. After extensive discussion, it was agreed that Sun City residents only can pay for photos by check, showing their SCSCAI ID and writing their ID # on the back of the check. Dennis pointed out that our bank charges for checks returned for Insufficient Funds. Members accepting checks agreed to reimburse the club for any bad check charges. 
Holiday Party
This year, we will have a pizza party. Members may bring a guest. Invitations with an RSVP form will go out later in the week. Norm will be setting up and asked for volunteers to assist him. J noted that we have boxes of party supplies and decorations in the locked closet in the Photo Lab.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted, J Filangeri, Secretary

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