Saturday, November 17, 2018

181115 Photo Walk - Birds and Sheep, Oh my!

Photo Walk November 15, 2018
Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve
and Hemenway Park, Boulder City

Our Photo Walk to the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve and Hemenway Park in Boulder City to photograph the big horn sheep was amazing!  The weather was perfect – sunny and warm - and the wildlife at both spots were willing photography subjects.  For numbers (not that we are counting!), we spotted 19 different species of birds at the Bird Viewing Preserve and 42 big horn sheep at Hemenway Park, including at least six rams, which was a bonus.  Members Helen Delahunt, Dale Kavula, Diane Frankenfield, and Jim Bird,  participated in this Photo Walk.  It was especially nice to have Jim with us as he is very good at identifying birds and a patient teacher – we all learned a lot from him.  He had a very special morning as he spotted a female vermilion flycatcher perched on a branch, and this was the first time that he has spotted and photographed this bird (see photo).

After our stroll around the ponds at the Bird Viewing Preserve, we drove to Hemenway Park in Boulder City where big horn sheep are often found grazing and resting in this public park in the midst of tourists and photographers.  They come down from the mountains outside town to spend part of the day in this park, and we were able to observe several interesting behaviors of this majestic creature at very close range.  We were all surprised to watch the rams walk to a mature tree with berries, then reach up on only their hind legs to munch on the berries over their head.


Our next Photo Walk will be a trip to Ethel M’s cactus garden which will be full of beautiful holiday decorations and lights.  We have scheduled this for December 11, 2018.  Hope you can join us!

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