Friday, May 11, 2018

Sun City Photography Club Minutes, General Meeting, May 10, 2018, Desert Vista

Officers Present:
Norman Wright, Pres
Joel Lugavere, VP
J Filangeri, Sec'y
Don LeHeup, VP
Dennis Filangeri, Treas.
Kathy Kirby, Dir

Norm opened the meeting opened at 7 pm and led the pledge. We welcomed four guests (three of whom subsequently joined up, so it must've been a good meeting). Our guests were Paul Lipton, Mark Stevens, Brian Parker, and Seran Pearson.
Members present: 17 members present
Membership to date: 35
Treasurer's Report: Dennis reported a Financial Balance of $268.52.
Refreshments Committee: Kathy K. brought refreshments for tonight's meeting.

Field Trips
  • Secret Garden: Dale gave a presentation of photos taken during the last field trip.
  • Floyd Lamb Park: May 11th, Diane is leading a field trip to Floyd Lamb. A signup sheet was provided.
  • June Field Trip: June 19th - High Roller at sunset
Meeting Agenda & Discussion
  • Photo Show Planning Report: Dennis reported that about 12 members met to organize and address the tasks that need to be completed in order to have a successful annual photo show, including uniform format of photos, ways to promote the show, financial aspects, photo display needs, and actual show day volunteers. The show is scheduled for Saturday, November 17th. Dennis said he will be sending out another email communication with the necessary links, and all club members were encouraged to join one of the committees. 
  • Club Constitution Changes: J reported on the new Club Constitution approved for all clubs by the Sun City Board. Each club needs to determine what qualifies as that club's quorum (how many members must be present to officially conduct business such as electing officers or approving purchase of major equipment). , Currently, a quorum is defined as 35% of members. We have 49% of members here today. Helen made the MOTION to retain 35% as our quorum. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. We also need to determine the officers' term of service. Currently, all officers (President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Director) serve for 1 yr. MOTION to make the term of officers two years. Seconded. There was some concern that two years might discourage someone from running for office. It was pointed out that an officer can step down after a year and we would just hold an election for the open position. The motion was passed. 
Theme Competition: This month's theme was Wildflowers. We had an impressive show of members' work on display. The winner was Tony Maza. His photo was taken here in Summerlin with his iPhone 8. The only post photo processing was afterlight for lighting compensation.
Next month's Theme is Travel.

Techniques and Tips: Diane Frankenfield gave a presentation on techniques for photographing wildflowers.

Respectfully submitted, J Filangeri, Secretary

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