Saturday, August 12, 2017

Club Meeting Minutes of 8/10/17

Here are the minutes of the 8/10/17 meeting.
Sun City Photography Club
Minutes, General Meeting, August 10, 2017, Desert Vista

Officers Present:
Norman Wright, VP
Dennis Filangeri, Treas.
J Filangeri, Sec'y
George Kertesz, Dir/
Joel Lugavere, 2nd  VP
Absent: Jim Bird, Pres.
George Kertesz, Director
Dale Kavula, 1st VP

Norm opened the meeting opened at 7 pm and led the pledge.
Members present:  There were 12 members present and 1 guest, Robert Reiss.
Membership to date: 54
Treasurer's Report: Financial Balance $368.45.
Refreshments Committee:J brought refreshments for tonight's meeting. Kathy K will bring them next month.
Meeting Agenda & Discussion:
AnnualPhoto Show and Photo Contest:The annual Photo Show will be Saturday, November 11th. The photos in the photo show are limited to Photography Club members. This year we will also hold a photo contest with the theme of Patriotism, since it's Veterans Day Weekend. The contest will be open to all Sun City residents and will be judged by popular vote of all Sun City residents attending the Photo Show. Top prize will be $100 (sponsored by Larry Jones and Keller Williams). Other sponsored prizes are being solicited. The goal of the contest is to attract new club members. Details are on the website.
Bylaws Change in Dues: Remember we will hold a vote in September on changing the dues per our bylaws to $8/per person.
FieldTrips: Coordinator Report by Diane F. There was no August Field Trip. The Field Trip originally scheduled for September 18th has been cancelled and replaced with a Scavenger Hunt on September 7th. In brief, members who've said they want to participate will get an email with the list of required images by 7 AM on 9/7. Members will have until 5 pm that day to get their images to Diane in the Photo Lab. Images cannot be modified. Diane will take them directly off your camera's photo card.  Members will be getting a separate email giving details on how the Scavenger Hunt will work.
Possible Photo Expedition: Don L. suggested a possible group photo trip to Ely with an overnight stay in Pioche and then in Ely. If we do this, it will likely be 9/30 to 10/1 to avoid hunting season.
Show & Tell: Norm shared a memory book he created of his granddaughter. These are available from Costco.
Break and voting on Theme Competition:  The August theme was Around Sun City. The winner was Marina Jurasek.  September's Theme is Transportation
Tech Time: Discussion of themes for next year's monthly photo contest. Members had received a survey to complete electronically.  Dennis shared the results. There were some clear winners and losers.  Members can complete the survey until Wednesday, 8/16 so the board will have time to consider and approve themes for 2018.  What we hope to continue doing next year is to have the coming month theme linked to the current month Tips and Techniques so members can take advantage of what they've learned in time to submit for the following month.

Respectfully submitted, J Filangeri, Secretary

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