Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Year of the Rooster at SunCoast

Theme: Chinese New Year. We went to the SunCoast Casino, which had dragon dancers to celebrate The Year of the Rooster.

Attendees: Dale Kavula, Dennis Filangeri, Marina Jurasek, Joyce O'Keefe, Jerry Tate, J Filangeri, Mary Miles, Adrian Cole

Setting up for the shoot
Snapping madly

On Sunday, February 5th, we met over at the Sun Coast Casino. Dale had arranged for us to have a separate location where we could set up cameras and tripods.  The dragon dancers made two sweeps of the casino floor, stopping in front of our group to gobble red envelopes and dragon lettuce, letting us get lots and lots and LOTS of great shots!

Click here to see the whole photo album.

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