Thursday, January 19, 2017

January Photo Theme: New Beginnings

The Sun City Summerlin Photography Club has a monthly theme and encourages members to submit their own photos which reflect that theme. Attendees vote on the submissions as to which one best meets the objectives of the theme. We get lots and lots of great photos. Occasional there are ties.

The January 2017 theme was New Beginnings and two photos tied for first place.

Jake Passer submitted his photo, taken on his property, of a fawn which was born with one deformed leg. Happily the fawn survived and had fawns of her own since then.

Inspired by the name of the But Coffee First breakfast shop in Auckland, NZ, Dennis Filangeri snapped a bunch of sunrise photos in the Tasman Sea. This was his tie winning submission for New Beginnings.

February's theme is Critters. What photos do you have that fit in with this theme? Why not go out and take a few? Critters will be featured at the February 9 program.

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