Thursday, February 11, 2021

Wildflower Photography - Capturing Seasonal Beauty

Photo Club Monthly Meeting Program Announcement for March 11, 2021

Program Title: Wildflower Photography - Capturing Seasonal Beauty

Guest Speaker: Alyce Bender 

Wildflowers are by definition a seasonal treat that blooms and fades, often quickly.  So how do you make the most of your time with them?  Whether you are looking for flowers in the desert or in the high mountains, there are certain techniques you will want to employ.  In this program we will explore how to find wildflowers, gear selection, composition choice, choosing settings, and field ethics.

Guest Speaker Bio:

Alyce Bender, a Tamron USA Ambassador, roams the globe, exploring Earth's natural beauty. Happiest in the field, Bender uses photography to connect people to wildlife and environments from across the world.  She leads tours, publishes articles, and hosts workshops promoting exploration, creativity, and ethical nature photography.  Her work has been recognized nationally and internationally.

Find more of her work at:                                  

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