Wednesday, February 3, 2021

SCS Photography Club Board ZOOM Meeting Minutes - Wednesday 02.03.21

09:30am - 1045am RECORDED

Board Members Attending: Norm W, Dennis F, Don L, Diane F, Helen D.
Agenda Review for Monthly Meeting - Thursday Feb 11, 2021
  • Norm - Welcome 
  • Virtual Photo Show - Success! Jan 15-30th, 2021. Presented over 70 photos! Our website will have a link to see them again! Learned a lot & hopefully will do even better next year! Dropped 4 names at end of show; Dale Kavula, Sue Stevens, Laszlo Heredy, Diane Frankenfield.
  • Diane - Program Introduction - Sue Stevens Presentation, "Editing Photos on your i-Phone Using Snapseed App"
  • Diane - Presents Certificate of Appreciation to Sue Stevens.
  • Dennis - Review members submissions for Landscape Album Photos.
  • Financial Report
  • Dennis - How to find our Recorded Meetings on our website.
  • Helen & Dennis - Media Album Review - How to remove outdated photos and put in only one current photo to share with media.
  • Diane - Next Month Program - March 11, 2021 - Alyce Bender "Wildlife Photography Capturing Seasonal Beauty". Quick Bytes - Luminar Tips by Dale Kavula.
  • Quick Bytes - Marc Wiseman "Histogram and Lightroom".
  • Questions/ Suggestions?
  • End Meeting 
  • Our Virtual Photo Show  - Success!  
  • Updated Member List - sent to board members by Dennis.
  • Agreed by Board - Any Photo Club article will be reviewed by board before being published.
  • Agreed by Board - Recordings of our meetings will be linked to our monthly club announcement, (example; "Here's a link to our last meeting for those who missed it!") Discuss both in next weeks club meeting.
Board Meeting end 10:45am       
H. Delahunt, Secretary