Thursday, October 8, 2020

Oct 8, 2020 Meeting - The Camera in Your Pocket

The Camera in Your Pocket 

Program presented by member Robert McCandlish

Monthly Meeting - October 8, 2020



 Apple transformed an iPod, into an iPod on steroids. They added more memory (RAM), a (software) Camera & Lens(es), then a telephony chip for voice and data. Before you know it is 10+ Years later and we have Smartphones.  Apple has released or is about to release their iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Max Smartphone models. Many other manufacturers have their models available NOW to compete with the iPhones.

This Presentation will be concentrated on the basics that I have learned to perform that are critical to capturing stunning pictures while “Using the Camera in Your Pocket”: Focus and Exposure


o   I will discuss the hardware inside a Smartphone

o   And will touch on 5G and your phone

o   I will demonstrate the techniques to Lock Focus

o   And, Adjust Exposure on my iPhone.


Other Smartphones have the same limitations and will operate in the same manner or close to it. 

I will also provide insight into additional supplementary equipment you may need if you want to become a serious smartphone user.




 As a Software Engineer, Program Manager and Quality Assurance Professional, Robert has been a team member manufacturing state of the art products and services. Examples: handheld language translators, digital speaking scales, credit card terminals, airline reservation systems, USAF-GPS ground control system, US Border Control IDENT system, Air Traffic control Systems for USA and International customers. Retired from Lockheed Martin with 32 years of service.


Robert’s father was an amateur photographer and used it to supplement his income back in the 50’s and 60’s by taking photos at weddings or little league baseball teams. Of course, he had his own darkroom with Robert assisting sometimes. Over the years Robert has honed his skills via the college of hard knocks, “self taught”, using various 35 mm cameras, bulk loading his own film and making prints directly from slides using a positive-to-positive photographic process called “Cibachrome.”

October Photo Theme: Wildlife


Access Passcode: ?Xd#e0Z2