Friday, October 9, 2020

SCS Photography Club ZOOM Meeting Minutes 10.08.20

SCS Club Virtual/ZOOM Meeting opened at 6:45pm for members to sign into Zoom.
7pm Meeting Started - Attending : 17 Members - Meeting is Recorded.

Norm -Welcomed members/Business discussion: Dues and Elections. Norm stated that he will "take a Screen Shot of us all on Zoom at next month meeting".
Helen called all (52) members. Summary: 20 left messages, 29 able to speak with, sent 5 Zoom information, 3 not connected, disconnected or wrong number. "Invited all to join us on Zoom, if possible, to check out our website and see the recorded meetings. Encouraged all to join us". Received, generally, positive feedback with most looking forward to returning to Desert Vista Meetings next year.

Diane- Introduced Robert McCandlish: "The Camera in your pocket" Presentation:
Here are some highlights: Robert showed sections of the I Phone Class he had taken and was able to share with us. Beginning with How to HOLD your phone, Stay Steady, hold phone close to you, support elbows, inhale-hold breath and shoot. Move camera icon to front your screen - makes it faster to shoot! Clean off camera lens, use shutter buttons to shoot, use camera on tripod to keep from moving, good for group shots, Focus - demonstrated several techniques, locking focus, zooming in to set focus then returning back, never take shot in zoom mode (will be blurry), setting exposures - tap on screen and swipe up/down for lighter/darker images. This is only a piece of what was shown tonight - please check out the recorded meeting on our website. Excellent, educational demonstration of how to improve each of our cell-phone camera photos!

Diane - Certificate of Appreciation given to Robert McCandlish.

J. Filangeri - Set up a shared album "Photo Club for Media". Members can submit photos to be shown in the "SCS Link" magazine and "SCS Living".

Diane - Asked members "Shall we still have a Virtual Photo Show this year"? We can drop our photos in google album, Submit 5 photos of your favorites over the past several years. Everyone present said "YES"! When? Nov/Dec/Jan? The Board will meet tomorrow to make decisions on when, how to present the show then will send info to members.

Dennis - "Wildlife Album" Theme Photos:
This was quite a show of wildlife photos! We reviewed 55 gorgeous photos with a brief description by the member that submitted them! Horses, Pelicans, Birds, colorful tiny frog, Deer, Antelope, Buffalo,
Turkeys, Squirrel, Raven, Lamas, Baboon, Lion, Leopard, Tasmanian Devil, Kangaroo, Koala Bears, Mustangs, Elk, Moose, Mule Deer, Rabbits, Zebras, Golden Eagle ..... just to name a few! Beautiful and fun to see and share!!

Diane - Next Month Speakers : Nancy Sexton and Mike Smith, Presenting : Latin America and the Galapagos Travel Photos.

Diane - November Theme is "Cell Phone Photos".

"Quick Bytes" by Don Le Heup
Discussed the 3 "C's" - Contrast, Color, Clutter. These can be used often to enhance your photos. No matter what kind of a program you have, adjusting the light, or color changes to constrast the subject & this can make all the difference! Don showed us flower and sheep enhancements that made each image

Any questions or suggestions? Yes, Dale asked about a possible teaching segment on - How to catalogue our photos, we will discuss this topic at Board Meeting. Thanks!

Meeting closed 8:55pm H. Delahunt, Sec.

Access Passcode: 6=dSddA@

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