Wednesday, July 8, 2020

SCS Photography Club Board Minutes 07.08.20

Open meeting at 10am Zoom – Virtual Meeting

Attending : Norm W, Dennis F, Don L, Diane F, Helen D.

Meeting to finalize Agenda for monthly meeting on 07.09.20 Thur.

Discussion with agenda finalized:

Open Club Meeting at 6:30pm for member chat. 7pm start Meeting


Norm - Welcome / Zoom issues

Diane - Thanks to J Filangeri for placing SCS members photos and monthly SCS Club Information in                 the SCS website for our Photography Club! Much appreciated!

Diane - Review and Discussion of Photos from Macro Album – Q & A

Diane - Slideshow of Helen D, Sue S, Dale K, SCS members photos: Trains, Snowy Animals and                     Hummingbirds - Q & A

          - Helen D - Stars n Milky Way Video Q & A

          - Tour of our SCS Photography Website

          - August 13, 20 - Next Club Meeting: Constructive Critique Session

Time permitting - Members can share a favorite image or two via screen sharing!
Meeting end - 11am H. Delahunt, Secretary