Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sun City Photography Club Minutes, General Meeting, April 12, 2018

Officers Present: Norm Wright, Pres, J Filangeri, Sec'y, Dennis Filangeri, Treas., Don LeHeup, VP, Joel Lugavere, VP, Kathy Kirby, Dir.

J opened the meeting at 7 pm and led the pledge.
Members present:   16 plus 5 guests (1 of whom joined last night).  Our guests were Gavin Lightner, Elvira Santiano, Paul Lipton, Patrick Garcia, Frank Karbel, and Eddie Biren.
Membership to date: 34
Treasurer's Report: Financial Balance $1605 cash and checking and $194 YTD net  earnings.
Refreshments Committee: Thank you, Carol Paul, for providing refreshments for tonight's meeting.
Field Trips
  •  March Field Trips: We had two field trips in March. Joyce O organized a Photo Walk at Downtown Summerlin on March 10th. Diane F and Dale K organized a Valley of Fire trip on March 19th. You can see photos from both trips in our Google Photos album.
  • April Field Trip: Dale gave details regarding the April 19th trip to The Mirage's Secret Garden. Members wishing to join the group can meet up in the DV parking lot at 9:15 AM. More details are available on the website and there’s a link to sign-up.
  • May Field Trips: Diane offered to do a field trip on May 12th to Red Rock Conservation Area in conjunction with her May presentation on techniques for successfully photographing wildflowers. There will also be a field trip to Floyd Lamb Park on May 19th, which Dale will lead.
Meeting Agenda & Discussion:

  • Club Annual Photo Show Planning: Our annual Photo Show is scheduled for November 17, 2018. We need to start preparations for the show, setting up a Photo Show Committee. To bring off a successful show, we need to divide up the tasks among those members with the interest and life experience to help. We'll need folks able to help with Public Relations/Marketing, Photo Sales & Fund Raising, Event Day Organization, and Physical Display of Photos.
  • The following members volunteered to assist: Joyce O'Keefe, Elvira Santiano, Kathy San Nicholas, Adrian Cole, Don LeHeup, Dennis Filangeri, and J Filangeri. Dennis will give all members an opportunity to join in the planning via email, and we'll have a preliminary meeting within a week or so. Sign up is available on line.
  • Club Newsletter: The Selfie premiered this month. This will be a quarterly newsletter. Members are encouraged to check it out. 

Theme Competition

  • This month's theme was Nostalgia. The winner was Lazslo Heredy with his photo, "Railway Loading Dock. It was taken in Santa Susana, CA, with a Canon Digital camera. Post-photo processing was the standard photo app on the Apple laptop. Photos from this month's theme, including Lazslo's winning entry, can be seen in the windows of the photo lab. 
  • Next month's theme is Wildflowers. Diane Frankenfield agreed to give a Tips and Techniques talk on photographing wildflowers.

Techniques and Tips

Norm W. gave a presentation on how to archive old photos using a scanner to digitalize and preserve them.

Respectfully submitted, J Filangeri, Secretary

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