Friday, April 20, 2018

Secret Gardens at Mirage

Our trip with the photography club was a very pleasant, relaxing. and educational

We started our photography with the 3 dolphin pools. Different training takes place at each pool The 1st pool is for the male dolphins, the second pool is for the females and the third pool is the birthing pool. This is where the 9 month old baby dolphin was born. She is still nursing her mother and travels around with her grandmother and sister.

The trainers can identify each by their markings and call them by name. ( The mother has freckles on her nose.) They keep the males separated from the females so when they mate there is no inbreeding.

We were not expecting to stay all day and I must say our first shots were very iffy, but we got progressively better. (Practice makes perfect) Every shot was challenging and fun. We visited the Secret Garden and the lighting in the morning was speckled and many of the shots exposed its fence. The challenge was to not show the fence.

But the afternoon was spectacular. The beauty of the tigers and lions and the lighting in the afternoon made our field trip a big success.

To top off our day Sigfried greeted me and remembered our previous meeting from last week. We had our group shot with him and he gave us (ladies) a commemorative coin. He is a very personable and made our trip very SPECIAL Another bonus was being able to get our military M Life card for free parking in all MGM parking lots and a discount for the entry fee.

We had two drivers with three in each car. Dale Kavula, Diane Frankenfield, Helen Dalahunt, Paul Lipton, Carole Paul, Tony Maza.

Click here to view the album online.

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