Tuesday, April 3, 2018

April 19 Field Trip - the Secret Garden at the Mirage

by Dale Kavula

On April 19th, weather permitting, at 10:00 am  we will visit the Mirage at the Secret Garden.
The cost is $22.00 for entry fee.  If you have a military I D ( DD214) the fee is $17.00.  You have to get the card at the M Life desk at the Mirage.  This card will get you into ALL the MGM parking lots for FREE.

We will car pool, get free parking and the discount if many of us have the card.  They said they will honor us that are not military on each of us who have a  military card for the $17.00.  It takes 72 hours for the card to be activated.  I, Dale, and Diane both have a card and we will car pool with as many as we can fit in our cars for the free parking.

Hopefully anyone who has military ID should get down to the Mirage before the 15th or16th to use on the 19th ( 72 hours).  When you go down and only want to get the card you have an hour of free parking, which is enough time to get the card.

The MGM has 13 properties and you can use this card at all the properties which includes the Bellagio. FANTASTIC  The Secret Garden has dolphins which is a joy to see at feeding time. The dolphins are fed every 30 minutes on the quarter hour.  It is a little challenging and a fun time to try photographing the dolphins as they jump in the air.

At the garden they have white tigers, white lions and leopards.  They switch out the cats at 2:00 every afternoon.  The grounds are pretty and there are many opportunities for photography.  There are picnic tables and you can bring in a lunch or buy lunch at the snack stand inside the garden.   So sign up to have an enjoyable day at the Mirage.

Click here for more information or to sign-up.

For more information about the habitat - click here.

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