Sunday, January 2, 2022

Post Processing - Dennis Filangeri

Post Processing - Improving Your Images

by Dennis Filangeri

Dennis is an amateur photographer who has been involved in the hobby for over 60 years. He taught photography to junior high school students and is a contributor to the Nevada Photographer’s grou on Facebook.

Over the years, Dennis has learned much about the art and science of photography including erstwhile darkroom techniques as now digital post processing.

Today it’s very easy to make your photos pop using simple post processing techniques to compensate for the limitation of your photo equipment. There are myriad post processing software programs available, but they all do pretty much the same basic processes to help you improve your picture. Learn the technique and then find out how your software does it.

We will explore these techniques to improve your images.

  • Crop and Straighten
  • White Balance
  • Exposure & Contrast
  • Burn & Dodge
  • Touch-up

And we might mention a few others to keep in mind when taking your photos.

Topic: 2022 Photo Club Meetings 
Start Time: Jan 13, 2022 06:15 PM

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