Thursday, October 14, 2021

SCS Photography Club Meeting Minutes 10.14.2021

7pm - 8:50pm  (Moved to RM 5, DV. Excellent sound.)  RECORDED ON ZOOM 

*Norm welcomed members then introduced our Speaker, Allen Duff - Topic "Constructive Critique Session" - He reviewed photos by members with suggestions to improve. Here are a few highlights, such as; "maybe could use more cropping, think about it an interesting shot? Eyes are drawn to the brightest part of a photo. Stay away from a "bullseye" type center, better to put on side or angle. Colors need to be sharp - RED draws the eye. Subjects - always like odd numbers - 3,5,7 etc. Check your boarders, look at edges - could they be cropped/zoomed in to form a better photo? Add color in post processing to add interest, contrast etc. Delete corners that show edges not useful in subject. Watch for "leading lines", patterns, light from behind - either too bright or too dark. Always check focus - lighting - adjust if too dark or light." Excellent program!

*Don - Certificate of Appreciation given to Allen Duff.

*Dennis - "Wildlife/Landscape and Nature Photography by members were reviewed. Financials shown.

                  * Break - 10-15 minutes - Cookies donated by Helen D.

*Quick Bytes by Sue Stevens - "How to straighten a building" using Lightroom Transform Tool.

*Diane - Program Update for November 11.2021. Speaker Marc Wiseman Topic "Composition", Quick    Bytes by Marc Wiseman - "Creative Star Trails using Lightroom Star Stax".

*Norm - Club Business - New Laptop discussion. Photo Show will be virtual like last year. No holiday   party because of Covid. November 11th Elections.

*Meeting end -  Members attending 23 (5 on Zoom, 18 in room.)  
                                                                H. Delahunt, Sec.

Start Time: Oct 14, 2021 06:26 PM

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: !6%o^cyf

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