Friday, October 15, 2021


Program Announcement for November 11, 2021 

Program Title:  Composition

Speaker: Marc Wiseman - Photo Club member

Program Description:

I would like to share my ongoing journey on improving the composition of photographs. I will talk about my approach to framing the photo subjects and the techniques I am working on to make the subjects pop out from the backgrounds.   This includes using shallow depth of field, selecting backgrounds of single color (sky, water), and more advanced shooting with low-key and high-key backgrounds.  I will also show some post-processing examples to make the photos more artsy. I will draw on examples from my underwater animal photography as well as my shots on land.

More about Marc:

I have been actively working on my photography for the last 10 years.  I have primarily been an underwater photographer shooting sharks, rays and the myriad of unusual critters that live in the sea.   More recently I have been developing my land photography skills with trips to Africa, Italy, Australia and other exciting places.


Zoom Recording:
Start Time: Nov 11, 2021 06:16 PM

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  1. Mark, your program was fantastic and photos are dramatic.

    Thank you for your presentation.