Saturday, June 26, 2021

SCS Photography Club Meeting Minutes 06.10.21

  • Norm - Welcomed group
  • Diane -Introduced Larry Hanna - Program -"Photographing Food using Natural Light".
Larry is on FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube. He presented a wide variety of food images using his home's natural day light. "My favorite Light"! Milkshakes, strawberries with milk pouring on top, oysters with background of Boston Harbor, lots of bread loafs, watermelon, eggs, etc. He showed his set up for some of the photos - noting shadows, texture, light modifiers, fruit, vegetables, DOF, uses live view mostly, shadow use by window frames and crates. His philosophy throughout is "Make it simple"! Wonderful presentation with examples of prize winning photos. Be sure to watch the recorded program!
  • Diane - Certificate of Appreciation given to Larry Hanna.
  • Norm - Working from Desert Vista tonight - " came out well" on zoom. Speakers may need to have assist with Doug Wong, IT SCS. We will have our next meeting at Desert Vista and use zoom to set up for people who are not able to come. Larry Kaufman stated that he has speakers to share
  • Dennis - Financial report. - Nevada Images Album by members - 18+ photos were shown, all interesting and well done! Thanks to all those who submitted photos.
  • Diane - Program Update: July 8th, 21. - M.E. Chidiac will be presenting "Basic Bandwagon Tips and Tricks", Quick Bytes by Marc Wiseman -"Creating Star Trails on Lightroom and Star Trax", Our Monthly Photo Theme will be Food images
  • Quick Bytes by Norm Wright - "Using Clone Stamp Tool", shown removing signs, etc from pictures. Photoshop and Corel Paint shop Pro are among many apps for use. Experiment is the key!
Meeting close, will see you all in person at Desert Vista next month!  Attendees - 10 members 
H. Delahunt, Sec.


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