Friday, June 11, 2021

Getting on the Basics Bandwagon

 Photo Club Program Announcement for July 8, 2021

Program Title: Getting on the Basics Bandwagon

Club Member M.E. Chidiac

Program Description:  M.E. will be presenting different tips and tricks for cleaning, changing and protecting cameras and lenses, preventing camera shake, holding a camera correctly, tripods, and more!

More about M.E.:

M.E. Chidiac is a corporate executive turned freelance African wildlife photographer. Growing up in the Florida Keys, M.E.'s love of nature would eventually get her out of the concrete office world and back into more natural surroundings.  She has lived around the world, including Paris, living in the city many years before moving first to Kuwait and then to Dubai. M.E., a former safari junkie, became a freelance wildlife photographer and guide, and holds numerous certifications in wildlife-related subjects. Although M.E. .now lives in Las Vegas, she considers her "office" to be the wilderness.

For well over two decades, M.E. has photographed wildlife in their natural environments.  A skilled observer in her ongoing study of their behaviors with a keen interest in ornithology, she uses this knowledge to refine her photography and to teach others.  She lectures on wildlife, Africa, and wildlife photography, as well as training new wildlife guides.  When she is not in the bush, M.E. is busy putting pen to paper.  She has written several books highlighting wildlife, safaris, African cooking, and more.