Thursday, November 5, 2020

Nov 12, 2020 Monthly Meeting - Latin America & Galapagos Travel Photos

 Nancy and Mike's Latin American Journey and Galapagos Voyage

Presenters - Nancy Sexton and Mike Smith

Nancy and Mike took a seven day cruise in the Galapagos through Linblad Expeditions/National Geographic, with several days spent in Ecuador before the cruise and in Cartagena and Bogota Colombia afterwards. The date of the trip was May 2019.  Besides photographing the obvious landmarks and landscapes of a place, Nancy also tries to include some local culture, people, architectural details, wall murals, food.....anything that helps to capture the overall experience of being in that place at that time.  We are indeed fortunate to have Nancy and Mike share their images and their story!

More about Nancy:

My name is Nancy Sexton and I moved to Las Vegas in June 2016.  I grew up in Syracuse NY and lived in the Boston area for almost 25 years where I was a financial analyst/portfolio manager/bank regulator.  I have two daughters, one in Houston and one in Cincinnati.

Nancy has been with Mike Smith for almost four years, hiking and traveling the world.  When she travels, she loves to take pictures and try to tell a story. She uses a Sony a6000 with a telephoto lens to get close-ups of wildlife, and uses her iPhone for most everything else. 

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