Thursday, June 25, 2020

SCS Photography Board Minutes 06.25.20

Attending: Norm W, Dennis F, Don L, Helen D, Diane F.
Virtual Meeting via Zoom
10:30 am
Discussion - Change of Speaker/Topic for July 9th meeting.

Several choices -  Change to daytime meeting? Which would involve contacting all members at short notice. Switch Speakers from one month to another? Difficult to arrange. Skip Speaker/Topic all together and plan another option. After much discussion - the Board decided to skip July speaker/topic and present Macro Album photos from our members with a tutorial to follow.
Board members to make 2 choices on tutorials sending them to Norm by Saturday.

Preliminary Agenda:
Welcome & Zoom information
Macro Album review/ discussion by each photographer
Photography as Art - Review photos/discussion
Tutorials 1 & 2
3 Members to show their photos with Q & A
August 13th Presentation: Construction Critique Session 

Norm - To notify members with the Speaker /Topic changes & information on tutorials (as soon as the board members give him their choices).

Norm stated that we may need to meet again to firm up agenda before July 9th meeting. He will let board know.

Meeting end 11:30am                                                  by H. Delahunt, Secretary