Thursday, February 20, 2020

20213 Photography Club Board Minutes

Board Meeting SCS Photography Club Minutes
      Desert Vista, Club Room, 1730pm -1845pm

Officers Present:  Norm Wright - President,  Don Le Heup -V/P,  Dennis Filangeri - Treasurer,
      Helen Delahunt - Secretary,  Diane Frankenfield - Program Coordinator

Reviewed agenda for tonight's Club meeting.  All equipment ready to go. (waiting for projector).
                               Matt Rich - Speaker: "Skills to make a successful Photographer"

Follow up from last Board Meeting:

Norm: Questions answered: Desert Vista does have projector that we may use each month - needs to              be reserved by 6pm (instead of 7 pm).  They do not have a lap top. WE need to bring a laptop             for each monthly meeting. Norm as been bringing his in as needed.

           Computer - Discussion on the use and need for an archiving computer. Decided to bring up                 for a vote at tonight's club meeting from members. Norm is to ask/write the SCS Board for                   money for this project: computer, studio upgrade and possible laptop for monthly meetings.                 Norm is to get quotes and pricing and will report back to board.

Diane: Scavenger Hunt Results : 13 members participated, winners and awards given tonight.
            Diane gave out hard copies for board of the upcoming year of Speakers and Photo                                Competition Themes. Dennis will post on SCS Club website.

Helen: Approval given for a printed Club Agenda for every month's meeting. Board agreed to send                information to Helen before deadline of 1 week prior to each club meeting.
           Agreement by Board that when we have a speaker, they will be first after the welcome and                   pledge. Club business will be later in the program.
           A New SCS Organization Manual was given to Photography Club. We will review several                   changes that will effect the club, at next months Board Meeting.

Next Month: Photo Competition for March 12th is LANDSCAPE.
            Apple Walk - March 14th Saturday - members to sign up on line, and/or at club meeting.

March 12th Club Meeting :  Dale Kavula to present TWA Reunion Photos, New York City.
            Diane to show all the Scavenger Hunt Photos, and SCS Members Photo Walk Survey results.

Next Board Meeting : March 11, Wednesday at 3pm at DV Photo Studio.

Submitted by H. Delahunt, Secretary

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