Thursday, February 20, 2020

20213 Minutes of Photography Club

SCS Photography Club Minutes:

7 PM Norm opened with Pledge, Welcomed group and new attendees, Speaker, Matt Rich
Members present: 22
Guests: 4 

Norm discussed the archiving of photos and the importance of voting to have a computer, possible studio upgrade and a lap top for monthly meetings.  Norm will request SCS Board and or write for funds for this project. Voting Yes=15, No=2   10 people did not vote
  • Presentation: Matt Rich " Skills to make a successful Photographer"  Highlights:
  • This was an entertaining night with plenty of Utah, Arizona, Western US Photos! He gave us lots of information starting with tips for cell phone use. Moving on to camera essentials, use of tripod, long exposures for Milky Way photos, Photoshop use, Depth of Field, Lighting,etc.
  • Tips and insights:"Google has great apps for I phones. Know your camera! Histogram - use to check before taking the shot, Rule of thirds - composition, Make a story with your photos.Put your own spin on your photos".Enjoy the people your with, go back to some favorite places, Horseshoe Bend, Zion, Canyonland, Arches, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde....see them with a different twist, Try new ideas, enjoy your life!".
  • "The spirit of my landscapes is that they fill me with me reverent connection of our land".
  • He finished with a National Geographic Photographer, (TED Talk video) who spoke of "his passion to be connected....focus on the right (not wrong) celebrate right. Take photos that are  different, unusual, strange angle, shoot flowers from underneath the pedals, instead of on top!" 
  • Program was inspirational, interesting, educational with great landscape photography!
Photo Competition - FOOD 
          We had 12 members that participated tonight.  1st place - J. Filangeri,  2nd place - Marina 
           Jurasek,   3rd place - Sue Stevens.  We had lots of great food entries, The winners and others 
           will be displayed at our Photo Studio DV for one month. Go by and check them out!

Scavenger Hunt Winners : Grand Prize - Maria Riach, There were 10 winners, one from each
           category. Photos were not able to be shown tonight, will see next month! Diane wrote a great a
           article with the winning photos posted on our website. Check them out!!

Announcements: Apple Walk 14th March Saturday at Downtown Summerlin, May sign up online
          or/and at March 12th Club Meeting!

Submitted by H Delahunt, Secretary   9PM

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