Friday, August 9, 2019

Sun City Photography Club Minutes, General Meeting, August 8, 2019

Norm opened the meeting opened at 7 pm and led the pledge. We welcomed Alice Huie-Stein and guests Michael Stein and Harvey Simring. We were especially glad to see returning member Karleen Craig.
Members present:  20
Membership to date: 47
Election of Officers: Elections will be held in November. We will need a new secretary since J is stepping down, as well as at least one new director. All members are encouraged to let Norm know if they would be willing to serve in either capacity.
Treasurer's Report: Financial Balance $654 to Retained Earnings.
Refreshments Committee: Norm brought refreshments for today's meeting.  
Meeting Agenda & Discussion:
Member Input: Discussion of what members would like to have at meetings.  Suggestions included–
Feedback from other members on how to improve photos.  Dennis reminded members that they could use the Photo Club's Google photos to post and request feedback. Other suggestions included feedback tags on the theme photos for those who wanted to hear constructive criticism on how to make their photos better.
Focus Groups. Members really liked last year's focus group presentations from those groups that actually presented  and would like to continue that with new groups in the coming year.
Photo Techniques:  A presentation on cropping, in particular, was specifically mentioned as something members would like to have done at a meeting.
Improving the Photo Lab – Norm has been researching hardware/software. Ultimately, Norm will be putting together a proposal requesting funding from the SCSCAI Board, to include a decent scanner, processor, possible external drive
Everyone agreed that you get out of the club what you put into it. For instance, those who actively participated in the focus groups found them most rewarding.
Volunteers Needed: On the topic of "active participation," Norm asked members to volunteer to assist with a variety of club tasks, including –
Monthly meeting set up/tear down
Photo Show coordination
Holiday Party coordination
Photo Lab display (changed monthly after the meeting)
March Mountain Shadows display coordination
And again, we'll need a new secretary and director.
Theme: Special Effects. Winner was Dale K. Photos will be on display in the Photo Lab window.
Next month's theme: Animals.
Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM
Respectfully submitted, J Filangeri, Secretary

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