Friday, November 2, 2018

Looking Forward to 2019

Fellow photo club members:

Pres Norm
As we close out 2018 and are about to enter into 2019 I must reflect on the new directions that the photo club has taken during the past year. Briefly we are maintaining many of the traditions that the photo club historically has had, but we are also venturing out into new areas including cell phone photography, computer photo manipulation, and we have plans to expand into even more areas.

Some prospective members did not join in 2018 because they felt the club did not “teach” them a particular area of photography that they were interested in. Yes, one of the photo club’s missions is to have members learn how to take a better picture, but the club is not the “teacher” and the members the students. Rather the club is here to provide a forum for members to share their knowledge and photos and learn techniques they can use to improve their photos from other members.

If anyone wants to learn a simple skill to improve your photographic ability, Dennis set up the Photo Club’s web site that – among other things - has a series of instructional videos on lighting, the rule of threes, time and motion exposure, night photography, portrait and other tutorials to improve your photos. These informative basics, along with club news, trips and photos we have taken and other events are found at .

But a good photo is more than knowing the basic rules for taking a photo. It is a blend between the photographer’s ability to manipulate the basics such as focus and depth of field and the photographer’s skill to control these and other elusive elements to create a dynamic and interesting photo. Some may think they have a better way to learn how to do this but from my experience the only way you will improve your photos is to learn the basics, take photos using those elementary fundamentals, and then criticize your photos to improve the next photo that you take.

As we close out 2018 we have three more club events – our November 9th meeting when elections for 2019 club officers will be held along with making final plans for our November 17th photo show. All members of the current board have worked hard and in some cases we have had some very interesting conversations regarding the direction that the club will take in 2019. But we recognize that we cannot meet everyone’s individual needs and that is where you – the club member – come in. If you want to focus on a particular area of photography find other members who share your interest, get together and create a sub-group and experiment with controlling and modifying the photo composition, lighting and focal basics.

Our last meeting in 2018 will be our Holiday Party on December 13th when there will be an opportunity for all members to get together, get to know each other better, to reminisce about the past, and make plans for the club’s future directions in 2019.  

Hope to see you all before the New Year,

Norman Wright

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  1. Check out Joyce O'Keefe's article about our November 17th photo show that appears on page 44 of the November Issue of the Link.

    It is Full page and has many photos!