Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sun City Photography Club Minutes, General Meeting, October 12, 2017

Officers Present:
Jim Bird, Pres.
Norman Wright, VP
J Filangeri, Sec'y
Dale Kavula, 1st VP
Dennis Filangeri, Treas.
Joel Lugavere, 2nd  VP
Absent: George Kertesz, Dir

Jim opened the meeting at 7 pm. Guests Maria Vitor and Bonnie Hewitt led the pledge.
Members present:  20 plus 2 guests
Membership to date: 55
Treasurer's Report: Financial Cash and Checking Balance $1,326.79
Gain/(Loss) YTD $413.45.
Refreshments Committee: Kathy K. brought refreshments for tonight's meeting. The December holiday party will be desserts brought by members (sort of a desserts-only potluck).  Members will get an email sign up in early November. Starting in January, we will need folks to sign up to bring cookies to the meetings.
President's Announcements
·       PHOTO CONTEST: Sun City Administration, which has approved our contest flyers and announcements in The Link, has suddenly decided that we can't hold a contest in conjunction with the show, insisting that there's no documentation that members approved the contest. Motion to confirm member support for holding a photo contest during the Photo Show on Saturday, November 11th. open to all Sun City Residents. Seconded. One member voiced concern that it would not be clear that contest photos weren't all by members. It was pointed out that the contest will be in a separate area of the hall from the show, also that the goal here is to promote what the club does to resident non-members and encourage Sun City resident photographers to join the club. Motion passed with 1 dissenting vote.  
      PHOTO SHOW: Saturday, We will need volunteers to help set up/tear down. Bring photos on any subject you wish to exhibit to next month's meeting for the November 11th show, 10AM-3PM at DV.  This is the required format -
  • § 8 x 10 or 11 x 14 preferred
  • § Matted but not framed 
  • § The Front of photo must contain - 
               · Photo name - Ex. Sunrise on The Strip
               · Photo location - Ex. Las Vegas
               · Photographer's name - Ex. S. Spade
  • § Back of photo MUST have a hanger, either a piece of mat board with a hole, or the stick on hangers available in the photo lab.
·         OFFICERS FOR 2018. The Nominating Committee slate of officers will be voted on next month.
President:       Norm Wright              
1st VP:            Don LeHeup
2nd VP:           Joel Lugavere
Secretary:       J Filangeri                 
Treasurer:      Dennis Filangeri      
Director:        George Kertesz
Director:        Kathy Kirby
If any other member wishes to run for any office, they are asked to contact Kathy.

Field Trips: The last field trip was an overnight to Caliente/Pioche/Ely. Don L., who led the trip, spoke about some of the group's experiences, followed by a video compilation of photos taken by the participants (Don and Beth L., J and Dennis F, Diane F) and put together by Dennis.
The next scheduled field trip is to the Henderson Bird Sanctuary on October 21st (6 AM at DV). There will be no field trips in November or December.  Diane F. and Dale K. are working on a field trip calendar for 2018.
Members are reminded that they can check out upcoming events and view tutorials and member photos on the website,
Break and voting on Photo Competition: Reflections
Presentation of Theme Winner Certificate(s)  Lazlo Heredy won this month's theme contest.
Next Month's Contest: Weather
Techniques and Tips for next month's theme: Weather Photography: Dennis put together a composite of YouTube tutorials on taking pictures of weather. The members discussed various techniques for capturing lightning (safely). Members were reminded that all such tutorials are available on our website.

Respectfully submitted, J Filangeri, Secretary

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